Religious Studies

A Reflection on Rose of Viterbo

The life of Rose of Viterbo was incredibly impactful to me, given in only a few days, I will be assisting my local parish with a confirmation series for the young people. To some degree, the opening line of Rose’s story may describe the potential of all young people: “she was unusually sensitive with regard to things of the Spirit.” (24). On the other hand, it seems adults can be afraid of children’s faith because faith can either be something that we “grow out of” or something that has been a source of a letdown, given the inevitability of life to lead all adults to ask the question, “where was God?” Additionally, because of their ego or societal expectations, adults may believe that age in and of itself places them on a higher plane than children in every aspect, and anything to the contrary would be a challenge. The challenge for adults is accepting that faith is a spiritual gift that can be given to anyone. Another challenge is realizing any cognitive dissonance felt when confronted by a child of faith could very well be due to the adult observer’s lack of it. Rose of Viterbo chose to live a “life of religious devotion in the most traditional and respectable means possible.” (26). Similarly, the young people beginning their confirmation series will follow a tradition many others before have followed. Although some may be in the classroom because their parents gave them no other option, others are likely to be there because they desire to learn about their faith. Regardless of the motivation, each either will have or will have the potential for great faith, similar to Rose’s.

Religious Studies
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